Container Gardening is a Great Way to Extend Your Growing Season

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Container gardening is a cost effective way to garden and it can be just as rewarding as the traditional full size garden with a lot less needed space. It can also be just as enjoyable for any age group or experience of gardener. It is also an ideal method to use when wanting to plant a small garden as a hobby.

This method of gardening is also a great way to add deco to your landscape, especially when limited space is a problem. Containers can be just about anything that can hold the growing media needed for the specific plants you want to grow. Boots, buckets, old tubs, pots, window boxes, half barrels, wheel barrels or any other container you can think of can be used. They just may need to be altered to provide the proper drainage.

With these few basic tips and a little careful planning, you can be on your way to growing a successful, high yielding, organic container garden in your own yard.

First you will need to choose a container for the plants you want to grow. This can be a choice of decor or just any ordinary pot, your imagination is the limit. When choosing a container, research the plants you want to grow for the proper size needed and if there are no drainage holes in the bottom you will need to provide them.

The proper soil for the plants you are growing is the next very important part with container gardening. It is best to use a soilless potting mix, one that will drain well and retain the proper amount of moisture needed for your plants.

Choosing a location to place your container garden is also very important. Depending on the plants you are growing, they can need full or partial sunlight. A great benefit about container gardening is that you can place them in a location that is best for your plants growing conditions.

Watering is something that will need to be monitored daily. Containers tend to dry out quicker that the traditional garden will. Until you get a system figured out on when to water, you will need to check the moisture content of the soil on a regular basis.

Container gardening is an enjoyable way to extend your growing season and the rewards can be just as great as the traditional backyard garden.

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Container Gardening is a Great Way to Extend Your Growing Season

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This article was published on 2010/03/27