Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers - Do They Work?

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Foodsaver vacuum sealers have containers that some people may or might not have known about before. However, if they are like me the people are probably curious as to if the containers work and if they do how easy they are to use. I know that for me I was curious about this because I already knew how well the regular bags worked for the Foodsaver vacuum sealer and decided that I would try out the containers for a large over sized container of Sour Cream that I had purchased.

Now the first thing that I noticed was how solid the containers are which makes sense because they do not conform to the object which wouldn't work out to well since the item is made for liquids, cold items, and even your flour in my experience. So the rigid sides work out really well and also means that you do not have to be as worried about them becoming flattened by other items in your cabinets or refrigerator which is not something that you would want to happen because that could lead to lid failure.

The second thing that I found is that once you have placed the lid onto the container which can be somewhat difficult because they have to be air tight you will want to hook the Foodsaver vacuum sealer up. Now even though I have used mine quite frequently even for the containers I do have to look at the directions to ensure that I do not mess them up. However, the vacuum sealer will work well in getting all the air out and after each use unless you use all the item you can easily reseal the container for future use. I know that the Sour Cream that I had stored in one lasted close to a year, but didn't go bad just got used up.

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I know that the Foodsaver vacuum sealer can be a challenge to use, but it is well worth the cost and the containers are great to use. If you want even more information on the Foodsaver vacuum sealer click here to read this great review.

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Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers - Do They Work?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27