Making The Perfect Container Garden

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Are you are a gardening enthusiast? Are you partial to ceramics and pottery and you could not just bear the thought of parting with your old clay pottery and ceramic pots? Then you might just consider setting up container gardens - they may just be the perfect solution for you. What is great about container gardening is that even very small spaces can bear fruit to a healthy crop of plants and vegetables. You must simply know which pots and ceramics you can use as containers. Here are some tips on how you can choose among the different pots to plant your seeds in and start a beautiful container garden in your own home:

  • Stay away from containers that have narrow spaces for openings.
  • Opt for ceramic pots that have a glazed surface as opposed to cheap plastic containers that could soften and ultimately melt due to the hot sun and those terra cotta pots that just dry out too quickly, not leaving any moisture for your plants to grown on.
  • Use cedar or redwood pots that are resistant to rotting as opposed to other wooden pots that can rot away quickly. These pots can also be great because they could be built in different sizes or shapes depending on where you are planning to put them in your home or yard.
  • Do not use very small pots that will hinder your plant's growth. You can go from fifteen up to one hundred and twenty quarts capacity depending on the plant or vegetable you are planning to sow.
  • Check to see if your container gardens have good enough drainage for extra water to seep out.
  • To be able to allow drainage and not block it in any way, set your containers on top of either bricks or cement blocks.
  • In hot weather or climate, use lightly colored pots to minimize absorption of the heat and prevent the soils as well as roots from drying out completely.
  • If you are going to use a hanging basket, keep them away from the afternoon sun to keep soil moist and not dry them out.
  • Clay pots lose moisture quickly so this should be monitored closely for water loss.

Container gardens are not only decorative, they also has many benefits such as being a relaxing activity that allows people to meditate and just calm down. This is also ideal for the elderly as well as disabled people who would not be able to maintain a conventional garden. Plant a container garden on your patio or deck. You will love to share fresh herbs and produce that you grow yourself. It is easy and fun, you may find you have a green thumb!

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Making The Perfect Container Garden

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This article was published on 2010/10/03