Using Advanced Technology for Container Tracking

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The Internet serves as a great resource and thus it comes as no surprise that the same coupled with other advanced technologies are increasingly been used in diverse sectors.  The Internet along with bar code or RFID and electronic file transfer technologies are increasingly been used these days for the purpose of recovering, securing and controlling returnable shipping containers throughout their entire movement cycle, right from the start of the journey till the time it reaches its final destination.  In fact such a method has emerged as one of the most dependable options for container tracking round the globe.  For companies that offer these services it obviously translates into a major increase in ROI for a fleet of such containers.

A container tracking software is a bit different from a GPS location tracking system or application. The former provides information not only about the current location of the container but also retains the information as part of its database from the moment the container was taken up.  Not only does it boost the cause of regulatory compliance, external and internal audit requirements but also takes into account the rules and regulations concerning international trade.  It also turns out to be a cost effective solution for a returnable container fleet.

An automated container tracking system also leads to multiple management benefits.  This can be done by focusing on smart reports or observations made during an exceptional case.  The information can thus be used to identify the aspects that appear to be troublesome for the returnable fleet such as the ones that run the risk of been stranded, are stuck due to excessively long transit times  or are damaged for some reason.  Container tracking also helps to prepare a ranking of supplier or customer locations based on the performance of the container fleet.  The routine checks ensure that containers that require maintenance are identified and thus cannot be used for loading outbound goods. These are market as inappropriate for been used as a returnable container.

A comprehensive and developed system ensures increased ROA or return of assets.  The containers can be used for more and more transfers which can be tracked very easily and even in distant locations. It is necessary to opt for the services of a company that offers improved container tracking services. You can make your search for such companies on the web and finally opt for one that has years of experience in the industry.

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Using Advanced Technology for Container Tracking

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This article was published on 2011/03/25